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The composition of the design project

Let us consider in more detail what the interior design project consists of:

1.measuring drawingcarried out when leaving the site. A specialist with  assisted devices (laser and conventional tape measure) measures the room in great detail, so that when planning, visualizing and working drawings, as much as possible take into account  all the nuances. The room is measured on all surfaces, the height of the room, window and door openings is noted. All communications are also tied - sewer risers, electrical and plumbing conclusions.

2.layout apartmentsor at home is performed on the basis of a measurement plan. At this stage, it is thought out what kind of redevelopment will be, if it is necessary, how many rooms there will be in an apartment or house and the purpose of these rooms, how many bathrooms there will be. Next, the arrangement of furniture and equipment, as well as plumbing fixtures, is carried out, taking into account the exact overall dimensions. The designer offers 2-3 variants of the planning solution, after discussion and adjustments, the final working version is obtained, on the basis of which the next stage is carried out.

3.realistic 3d visualizationis a continuation of the second stage. After agreeing on the layout of the house or other residential or non-residential premises, a detailed visualization is performed. Each room is shown from different angles. The visualization takes into account the finishing materials, the color scheme of the entire interior, the general style of the room. During the development of the project, adjustments are made to obtain the result most suitable for the customer.

4.workers blueprintsfor builders will be carried out after agreeing on the volumetric solution of the premises. In the album of working drawings, detailed bindings of electricians, plumbing, and underfloor heating are indicated. Specifies the web configuration, sections, and backlit nodes. Scans are carried out on the walls of all rooms. Tiles and other drawings are laid out in bathrooms.  


5.Author's supervision And complexion interiorare the final design stage. After agreeing on the basic concept of the interior and issuing working drawings for the construction site, the designer carefully monitors the correct implementation of the design project. Departure to the object is carried out 1-2 times a week. At the same time, all finishing materials, tiles, plumbing, wallpaper, textiles, decor, lighting fixtures, etc. are selected. It is very important for us that the realized interior corresponds to the project as much as possible.

See in ourportfolioreal photos of implemented design projectsapartments,private cottages,public premises

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