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Exclusive design.

Function, harmony and style in every interior!



Interior design of your dreams

from idea to full implementation!

Our interior design and architecture studio provides the following services: 








We have been in the profession since 2005, i.e. already 16 years old. Over the years, more than 400 projects of apartments, houses, offices, cafes, hotels and other premises have been completed and implemented. 

Interior design for us is our life! We devote a lot of time to working on projects, and we try to give all the knowledge and soul to each interior. Each customer is special for us and we try to create the most comfortable space for living and relaxing for everyone! In our projects we use natural materials, functionality and environmental friendliness always come first.

Why choose us:


✔ Quality is important to us, not quantity!

High-quality interior design is a guarantee that you will get the best result!


✔  Every client is very important to us! We strive to give maximum attention and time to one object without working simultaneously with many others, because it reduces quality work. 


✔ To everyoneprojectindividual approach. Your designer interiorwill be unique and not like the others!

✔ We follow the latest trends, strive to keep up with the times! 


✔ 18 years of experience and many happy customers!

✔ Working with us you get trendy interior, stylish and comfortable,done by professionals!

✔ Our work is published in various magazines, and we participate in interior design competitions andarchitecture!

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✔ We carry out professional working drawings for the builders for whom they do all the work!

Clear, competent drawings allow you to complete construction work correctly and on time! 


✔ Photorealistic 3d rendering will allow you to see how the future interior will look like! 


✔ In our projects we use only existing materials and furniture!

Realized interior designas close as possible to the project!  


✔ The process of translating a conceived idea is important for us and our work continues even after the issuance project design to the customer. We work for results!  





Author's supervision,

interior equipment 

Сергей Вакуленко, архитектор-дизайнер

Sergey. Studio manager.


Вакуленко Дарья, архитектор-дизайнер



Attention to detail is the main component of our work. As a result, your interior is stylish, properly organized and functional! We create an atmosphere, comfort and coziness, which is so important for every person! Starting with a sketch of the future interior and ending its full implementation - we work comprehensively, from planning solution before decor selection.  


Design of a house or apartment, office or restaurant - we are proud of each of our projects, they are all special and unique, just like our customers!

Наши работы

Last works

О нас

So what is an interior design studio, and what functions does it perform?

Many are mistaken, thinking that the work of the designer is only to decorate the room.

Apartment interior design development Houses or any another room It is a very complex process with many components.


❶ It all starts with the preparation of a technical task, taking into account customer's requirements for future design.

❷ The second stage is the development of the concept of the future interior. This is the most creative part, which requires notlittle effort. It is very important to think over everything to the smallest detail, taking into account the ergonomics and function of the room. At this stage, the

3d visualization all rooms, for the best visualspace perception. 

❸ The third stage is a detailed study of the drawings, according to the approved sketch.

This is a very important section of the design project. without it, builders make a lot of mistakes,which are expensive cost the customer.

❹ Fourth stage - author's supervision, without which a good result is impossible.

We go to the construction site, control the entire process until it is completed, in parallel selecting finishing materials, lighting, tiles, plumbing.

❺ The final stage is the decoration of the room, the selection of accessories and textiles.


Exclusive interior design, high-quality and comfortable is possible only with full observanceall design stages.

Working with a designer saves you time and effort. Together with the design project, you get a complete action plan, organized and detailed to the smallest detail, and all you need is to strictly follow this plan.

Depending on your budget, we offer three different service packages:


⨀ "Budget". 

⨀ "Standard". 

⨀ Premium. 

Architectural design is also included in our services, we carry out projects of cottages, apartment buildings, small architectural forms, shopping and entertainment centers.


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