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Interior equipment

Interior furnishing is a set of services that includes the selection of textiles, lighting, furniture, plumbing and finishing materials. This allows you to achieve maximum compliance with the sketches and visualization of the room, as well as meet the given budget.

Author's supervision

Professional designers know that choosing the right materials and furniture is only half the job. To get the desired result after repair or construction, architectural supervision is needed.

As practice shows, builders often make mistakes when implementing an interior project. Having read the project documentation incorrectly, workers can paint the walls the wrong color, mix up the tiles, make a mistake in the location of sockets, switches, lamps, etc. Conducting architectural supervision makes it possible to avoid mistakes and correctly perform all the necessary work.

The designer regularly visits the site and monitors:


  • quality of work of builders;

  • correct execution of project documentation;

  • availability and quality of building materials.


In addition, he can advise the customer and workers if they have any questions about the project. If unforeseen difficulties arise during the construction process, a specialist can quickly make changes to the drawing, replace finishing materials, etc.

The designer keeps a special journal, which records the progress of work, problems found and possible solutions. In some cases, reporting is accompanied by photography and video filming.

Project implementation 

Ремонт квартиры





Interior and architecture studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers a range of services for interior design and architectural supervision. We have more than 120 completed projects behind us -from apartments and houses, beforeoffice buildings,restaurantsAndhotels. Our skills and experience will help you:

  • save time on the selection of decor and finishing materials;

  • protect against errors in calculations;

  • control the progress of work;

  • stay within the given budget.

Реализация дизайна интерьера

3D visualization


finished interior 

We accompany each project to the very end, so the final result will be as close as possible to 3-D visualization. 

The cost of architectural supervision is 10 - 15% of the total cost of the design project, depending on the area of \u200b\u200bthe room. 

What is included in the design project, in addition to architectural supervision, can be found in section  compound project.

The total cost of the design project can be viewed in the sectionprices.

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