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Hotel room design

If you are planning to open a hotel, then the first thing to think about is the design of the hotel room, reception hall and other hotel rooms. It depends on him whether your guests will return to you. Bad conditions accommodation will not be able to compensate for either a good location or delicious breakfasts.


The overall style of the hotel depends on the location. In the central part of the city, with historical buildings, the classic style looks better, while apartments in a residential area can be decorated in a modern style. If the institution is located on the seashore, then in hotel interior design the Mediterranean style will organically fit in, as well as large panoramic windows and cool or sand colors.

Дизайн спальни гостиничного номера

Hotel rooms are usually divided into categories:


Numbers of type

Numbers of type

3.   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d Suite.


There are also one-room, two-room for families with children, three-room apartments with two bedrooms and a kitchen by the type of apartment.  The rooms can have either two single beds or one large double bed.

Hotel room plan

The main component of the room stock is standard apartments. This is a simple, versatile room of at least 12 m2. Даже если дизайн гостиницы ограничен небольшим пространством, в нем нужно разместить все необходимое как для разового ночлега, так и для long stay:

  • bed;

  • closet;

  • Desktop;

  • bedside tables;

  • mini bar;

  • bathroom with bathtub or shower;

  • TV.

When placing light sources in design of a hotel or hotel , it must be taken into account that the total illumination of the room should be at least_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf058d_lux.

Дизайн гостиничного номера эконом-класса
Дизайн санузла в гостинице

Economy hotel room design

As a rule, economy-class apartments are considered as a place where you can spend the night inexpensively. This means that the main emphasis should be placed on the functionality of the room, namely, on a bed and a bathroom.

In the decoration, it is worth using fireproof, wear-resistant materials that are easy to clean and withstand regular treatment with household chemicals.

Economy class hotel room plan.

Often in such apartments a standard layout is used: a small entrance hall smoothly flows into the bedroom. All elements of the interior of the hotel room should be placed so as not to interfere with the guests, as well as the maids who will clean the room.

luxury hotel room design

План гостиничного номера

Consider, as an example, a luxury apartment designed by the VAKULENKODESIGN studio.:


The area of this room is  105m2

The room has a large living room with kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an office.

You can also go out to a large terrace, access to which is provided from the living room.

All rooms are made in the same style, calm and warm colors were used in the decoration.

Light colors of the walls with pastel, brown tones of furniture predominate. The interior is well received and conducive to relaxation. The design of the hotel involves the use of only functional furniture. Sofa, bed, kitchen set, coffee table made in the same wenge color scheme. Delicate white walls are diluted with bright paintings.


One bathroom has a shower, the other has a bathtub.

The bedrooms have double beds and spacious wardrobes.

There are TVs in two bedrooms and the living room.

The refrigerator is built into one of the mini-kitchen cabinets.

This room is designed for long stay people.

Дизайн гостиничного номера
Дизайн номера с мини-кухней

3D visualization of a hotel room 

To show all the advantages of the hotel, make detailed hotel interior design photo from different angles, or order a 3-D visualization of the apartments. This will help the client to independently assess the living conditions in your institution.

Interior and architecture studio VAKULENKODESIGN provides design servicesapartments,houses,offices,storesand other premises. You can order a competent hotel project from us, taking into account all the requirements for a stylish and functional interior of a hotel room.

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