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Design  khrushchev 

Apartments in Khrushchev-type houses are distinguished by small and cramped rooms, small kitchens, so many people think that modern design and renovation are not for them. But with the help of the services of a professional designer from the VAKULENKODESIGN design studio, you can place everything you need in a limited area, make the interior cozy, and the space comfortable for life.

Khrushchev plan 

Планировка хрущевки

Object parameters:

The total area of the apartment is 45m2: Kitchen – 7 m2,

Corridor - 10 m2, Living room - 10 m2, Balcony - 4 m2, Bedroom  - 10 m2, Bathroom - 4m2.

Repair of a small Khrushchev

Consider an example of a real apartment design in Khrushchev, madeour studio. The project involved a standard two-room city apartment in a five-story building built in the 60s and 70s.

Repair in Khrushchev was carried out withredevelopment- the balcony was combined with the living room, due to this the room became visually larger. The balcony was glazed to the floor.  A corridor was organized, thereby instead of a passage room inherent in all typical Khrushchev houses,  turned out_cc781905-5cde-3194-8d5b_vede5d5b separate rooms - a living room with a bed and a nursery. For things there is a wardrobe with an entrance from the corridor, next to the children's bedroom.


Between the corridor and the living room, a non-standard-shaped partition was made , thanks to which two niches were obtained from the side of the corridor: one is provided for a washing machine, the other for storing household items. From the side of the living room, a spacious wardrobe for things is built into the niche, small shelves for books turned out on the sides. 

The customers wished to leave the kitchen separate and not combine it with the living room.

Living room design in Khrushchev

Комната в хрущевке дизайн фото
Дизайн залы с окном

The living room is distinguished by soft colors and minimalism in interior design. A comfortable wide sofa, with a built-in box for bed linen, serves as a sleeping place for two adults. A full-wall wardrobe with a white glossy facade looks elegant and helps to accommodate all the necessary things, closing them behind blind doors. Instead of a balcony, a recreation area has been created, accentuated by decorative brick trim, with two soft contrasting armchairs and a beautiful view from the floor-to-ceiling window.

The room also has a TV and air conditioning, two mobile coffee tables. The central elements of the interior decor are a loft-style black chandelier and monochrome paintings above the sofa. On the floor is a low pile carpet. The color highlight of the design of the living room was bright olive pillows and fresh flowers in outdoor flowerpots.

Kitchen design in Khrushchev (7 m2)

A small kitchen is not a problem with the right arrangement of zones. This kitchen has all the necessary appliances and utensils. Additional storage space - in wall cabinets up to the ceiling. The refrigerator is built into a tall cabinet near the door. There is a comfortable dining table. The column, located in the kitchen, was hidden under the kitchen perforated facade.

Дизайн маленькой кухни в хрущевке
Интерьер кухни в хрущевке фото дизайн

Children's room design

A separate children's room is a big plus for a small Khrushchev apartment. It is made in soft pastel colors, the walls are decorated with wallpaper. While the child is small, there is a crib in the room, in the future there will be a large bed, and instead of a sofa, there will be a study table near the window. The room has air conditioning.

Дизайн детской в хрущевке
Фото обои панно в детской
Дизайн маленькой детской фото

Photo of bathroom design in Khrushchev

The bathroom is also made in light colors. There is no excessive decor in the design - the floor and walls are lined with wide horizontal tiles, an installation for a hanging toilet bowl is built into the wall, all plumbing accesses are hidden. Above the bathroom there is a heated towel rail, and under the washbasin there is a cabinet for household items, the facades of which are in harmony with the kitchen ones. The shower faucet is covered with a transparent glass screen that protects against splashing water.

For convenience, a niche for legs is made under the bathroom. And for access to communications, a hidden hatch is provided, closed with tiles. The hatch is located under the bathroom. 

Дизайн маленькой ванной комнаты
Дизайн маленькой ванной

Hallway design in Khrushchev

As the materials used in the hallway, it is worth noting the red decorative brick, wallpaper, wall painting. There is a mirror, a small but practical chest of drawers, a pouffe. With a very limited space Khrushchev hallway looks quite fresh and spacious.

Коридор в хрущевке дизайн фото

The overall design of the apartment resonates in different rooms with bright olive hues, calm pastel backgrounds, brick finishes, white glossy furniture surface. All these elements are thought out by the designer to the smallest detail, but even more details are invisible to the eye, they certainly provide the comfort and convenience of this house.


Do not do itdesign apartmentson your own - trust the experienced master of the VAKULENKODESIGN design studio.

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