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Portfolio of all works of the architectural studio VAKULENKODESIGN

Wanting to bring to life a fashionable modern interior, you should think about the functionality and purpose of the room. Modern living space in 2019 should be as comfortable and technological as possible, while the interior design of the premises is designed not only to serve as a beautiful picture, but to fulfill all the tasks that a person has provided for every corner of his house or commercial premises.

What is good design from the architectural studio VA


In our works there is always style and comfort combined with functionality, no matter what kind of interior is designed - classic or modern style, it always corresponds to the lifestyle and character of its owner.


Before ordering an interior design, please consider the presented photos in the section of our website. There are developments of the most varied style and content for private housesAndapartments,beauty salons and hairdressers. You can choose ready-made design samples from the interior designer's portfolio or order it according to your preferences.  136bad5cf58d_-whole apartment building,shopping complexorproduction building.


We offer high-quality and practical interior design in Ukraine, using fashion trends and understanding the needs of modern customers.

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