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Design of a 2-room apartment

The design and repair of a two-room apartment sets itself several goals at the same time: to make the living space functional and comfortable with a small area of the room. Studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers services for the development of a modern and comfortable space. The redevelopment of a 2-room apartment is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the residents and modern technical design capabilities.

Plan of a two-room apartment

Планировка 2 квартиры

Before proceeding with the design of the apartment, it is worth deciding on option layout:

➀ A two-room apartment can have two separate living rooms.

➁ One of the rooms is combined with the kitchen, the so-called studio format.

Each option has its own advantages.  Separate rooms can serve as adult and children's bedrooms for a family with children, and it is convenient for a married couple without children to live in a studio apartment, then one room with a kitchen serves as a living room, and the second - a bedroom.


The general concept of the premises of the apartment should be sustained in the same style - the design of the corridor, living rooms, kitchen and bathroom should complement each other. For example, consider one of our works - a photo of a studio design based on a two-room apartment.

 Visualization of a 2-room apartment design project

Гостиный дизайн фото
Дизайн залы в квартире

Object parameters:

The total area of the apartment is 67m2: Kitchen - living room studio - 29 m2,

Entrance hall - 12 m2, Bedroom - 18 m2, Bathroom - 3 m2, Bathroom - 5 m2.

Kitchen design - living room

The modern studio kitchen is combined with the guest area. In the interior of the kitchen - living room in the loft style, various materials were used - decorative brick, wall painting. With the help of light accents - two suspensions above the table, built-in lamps around the perimeter and overhead lights in the center of the ceiling, it was possible to divide a large room into zones. The ceiling is suspended, two-level.

The working area of the kitchen includes lower and upper cabinets that contain all the necessary kitchen utensils. A large work surface will ensure the convenience of cooking.


The fashionable interior of the kitchen creates a color scheme - calm and pleasant. In the center of the composition is a white countertop, white stone worktop and fronts of upper cabinets, fronts of lower cabinets - natural wood veneer. The dining table is located in the conditionally dining area, not far from the window. The kitchen area is visually and functionally separated by flooring - tiles.


Opposite the kitchen area is a corner sofa with a coffee table and a loft lamp. This separate corner creates a feeling of home comfort. There is a TV on the wall between the windows, under it is a bright chest of drawers that fits perfectly in loft_style. On the walls are monochrome paintings and clocks. The interior design is dominated by calm pastel colors, diluted  with bright accents - the mustard color of chairs and pillows.

Bedroom design

Интерьер спальни в стиле лофт фото
Дизайн спальни цвета беж

A bedroom in a two-room apartment is a combination of harmony and elegance of design. Pastel shades of the interior resonate with muted terracotta accents, there is maximum storage space in wardrobes and cabinets under the TV, there is a work area with a computer. There is no chandelier in the bedroom, instead of it there is a pleasant illumination around the perimeter of the room. In the area of the bedside tables, hanging lamps create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Дизайну нежилых помещений двухкомнатной квартиры, таким как прихожая и коридор, ванная и маленький туалет  is also given special attention. Everything you need is here. In the hallway there is a large wardrobe. In the bathroom and bathroom shelves for  storage of towels. Every centimeter of space is practical and comfortable.

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