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Design of hairdressing salons

The design of a modern hairdressing salon is not limited to standard rooms with a division into a women's and men's room. Clients want to see a unique, creative space that inspires to create a vibrant image.

Coming to a stylish salon, barbershop or hairdresser, the visitor asserts himself, emphasizes his respectability, gets more pleasure. At the same time, he has a higher loyalty to the masters and the institution as a whole, he is ready to come more often and pay more.

The beautiful design of hairdressing salons emphasizes their status, the owner and staff have a sense of style and a desire to share it.

Studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers interior design services for a hairdressing salon, barbershop, beauty salon and other beauty establishments. Graphical3D visualizationproject, miscalculation of the design project, the concept of turnkey premises equipment is being developed.

Дизайн барбершопа в Днепре

Small barbershop design

Often the need for proper and beautiful organization of space arises in small rooms. The design of a small barbershop is designed to accommodate all important areas, leaving freedom in the interior. Here it is important to take into account the personal space of clients, hygiene, create comfortable places for the masters to work, combining them with modern technologies and interior solutions.

Beauty salon plan

The design of the hairdressing salon includes workplaces, a washbasin area, a reception desk, sofas for waiting. There is a wardrobe, coffee and bar, as well as a public bathroom. Clients do not want to see other people's cut hair, wet towels, dirty surfaces and walls, they demand fresh air and warmth, bright and natural light.

A professional designer will take care of all this. In a limited space, only a professional will be able to place all the zones so that both masters and visitors are comfortable. The design of a hairdressing salon can be done in a classic style or one of the modern trends - loft, hi-tech, minimalism.

Plan of the barbershop Clippers Dnepr

План барбершопа Днепр

Object parameters:

  • Total area - 86m2:

  • Reception, workroom  - 60 m2,

  • Head wash  - 11 m2,

  • Bathroom - 4 m2,

  • Utility room - 6 m2,

  • Tambour  - 5m2.

barbershop design

The design of a men's salon - a barbershop should be special. It can embody aristocracy and simplicity, brutality and comfort at the same time. Often the interior of men's beauty salons is made in the loft style with appropriate decoration and furniture, maximum conciseness and at the same time practicality.

Men appreciate functionality, they notice many little things in the interior, so its design must be professional and flawless.

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