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Design of a three-room apartment 65 sq m

Studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers design services for three-room apartments not only in panel and brick houses of the old stock, but also in new buildings in the Dnieper, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.


Standard projects and plans for apartments in multi-storey buildings of the old fund do not always provide for a spacious layout of three-room apartments, so the design of the hall, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens in a panel house technological and thoughtful. Competent design at the initial stage is not just the beauty of housing, but its daily comfort for many years.

Plan of a three-room apartment

Перепланировка 2-х комнатной чешки

Object parameters:

  • The total area of the apartment is 65 m2:

  • Kitchen  - 11 m2,

  • Entrance hall 13 m2,

  • Living room - 12 m2,

  • Bedroom - 15 m2,

  • Bathroom 4 m2,

  • Children's room - 10 m2.

Design of a three-room apartment photo

As an example, let's look at the design of a 3-room apartment in a panel house, made by our studio.


Various design techniques are used in the interior of the apartment, wallpaper and wall painting are used in the decoration of the walls, high-quality laminate and carpets are used on the floor. The general style of the interior is Provence, which involves the use of calm colors, pastel and soft colors.

Дизайн залы

Small living room design 

The design of the main room in a three-room apartment is elegant and comfortable. The living area is organized by two comfortable sofas: one is located in the center of the room, the second stands along the wall, both - for two seats. Between them is a coffee table. To the right of the entrance there is a TV and open shelves for various little things. All other details complement the space, make it harmonious and comfortable for communication with family and friends.

Интерьер обычной квартиры фото
Дизайн интерьера зала

Design of a children's room for a boy 

The design of a small nursery  includes all the essentials for the comfort of the child. There is a comfortable corner bed with a bedside table, a small student table with drawers, placed so that daylight falls from the left side. The wardrobe is located opposite the bed, occupies the entire wall, in the center of the wardrobe there are open shelves for toys. One of the walls of the nursery is an accent - it is a panel depicting a sailboat in pleasant beige and blue tones. A panel is a fresco pasted on the entire wall.

The room is thought out in terms of convenience, practicality and safety of the baby. The color scheme of the design features soothing tones of blue and blue hues combined with soft creamy additions.

Дизайн детской в квартире
Ремонт детской дизайн
Реальный дизайн детской

Bedroom interior in bright colors 

The design of the bedroom, combined with a balcony, allows you to profitably zone the room. It has a sleeping area - a double bed with bedside tables and lamps, as well as a place for a women's dressing table with a mirror. Opposite the dressing table is a desktop, which is convenient to work with a laptop. The design of the bedroom-study is very in demand in modern city apartments. The decoration of the room is made in pleasant lilac, pink and beige colors, complemented by furniture and textiles in a classic style.

Дизайн спальни с ярким акцентом
Интерьер спальни в ярких цветах

Having decided to make repairs in a three-room apartment, do not rush to design and glue the wallpaper yourself, otherwise you will encounter a number of difficulties that start with the inconvenience of the location of sockets and end with problems with the placement of furniture. Specialists in the field of design will help to foresee all possible nuances in advance, performvisualization project, will doyour housebeautiful and comfortable.

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