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Commercial space design

Commercial space design.Studio VAKULENKODESIGN.

The interior of commercial premises - beauty salon, barbershop, boutique, office of the company always becomes the face of the business, the first emotional impression of the visitor. At the same time, the design of the premises necessarily takes into account the specifics of the type of activity, the number of staff and customers, the need to demonstrate goods or services, as well as the general corporate style of the company.


What is the difference between a commercial interior


A feature of commercial design is the study of all elements, taking into account the specifics of the business, the arrangement of functional areas, color and light accents. The space should be memorable and creative. The interior design of a beauty salon is more focused on women's tastes, a barbershop - on men's.


Office Stylepremises is more formal, andshopshould sell even with the help of its interior. The premises should look beautiful, respectable, consistent with the image of the business, while remaining comfortable and practical in service.


The portfolio of the VAKULENKODESIGN studio presents works on the design of commercial establishments. Here you can find photos of the interior design of a beauty salon and ready-made solutions for men's hairdressing salons.  We do not rest on our laurels and will gladly perform a premium design of a commercial space for any business.

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