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Interior of a one-room apartment

Repair of a one-room apartment is complicated by the need to organize all areas: bedroom, kitchen, for relaxation, work, receiving guests, in a limited space. The design should be formed taking into account the activities of the owners and be functional. Special attention is paid to details to create comfort, an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. The services of a designer will help to solve this difficult task.

Plan of a one-room apartment

Перепланировка однокомнатной квариры

The interior of a one-room apartment, the photo of which is attached, was made by the studioVAKULENKODESIGN. Let's consider detailed plan for this apartment. The total area of the apartment of 45 m2 is enough for a competent distribution of zones. The peculiarity of the repair is the combination of several functions in one area and the use of every free corner.

The design of the kitchen-studio implies its combination with the living room. There is enough space for this - 21 m2. The design of the kitchen with a balcony increases the space for the table by dividing one large balcony into two zones of 5 m2 each: one is separated by a partition and it is used as a dining room with a table and chairs, the second is used as an open balcony. For a bed allotted 8 m2.


The design of a studio with a berth suggests an interesting solution - separation from the rest of the zones with a glass partition with a metal frame, which allows you to organize a cozy corner for sleeping and at the same time visually expands the space. 


The area of the bathroom is only 4 m2, but everything you need fits perfectly in it - a shower cabin, a toilet bowl, a washbasin and a washing machine.


The entrance hall, with an area of 5 m2, simultaneously serves as a wardrobe thanks to functional furniture. The interior design of the living room with a sofa and an original coffee table is suitable for relaxing, as well as receiving guests.

One-room studio - design

Кваритра виктори холл днепр
Дизайн маленькой спальни

Minimalism style is the best solution for a small apartment in the Dnieper. A one-room studio will not be overloaded with details, while still looking stylish as well as cozy. The interior uses different materials, the combination of which creates an interesting design:

  • decorative brick, which trimmed the dining area and the bathroom on one side;

  • a full-wall mirror on the other side of the bathroom, which visually expands the hallway;

  • glass and metal are successfully combined in the partition separating the bedroom;

  • wooden panels are found in almost every area and connect the whole space together.

Дизайн холла
Дизайн интерьера зала
дизайн кухни с балконом 10 м2

The walls are painted white, there are bright blotches of blue: a sofa, niche doors in the hallway. Design of kitchen furniture in minimalist style using wood, the same shade as all wood panels. A dining table with chairs from a well-known brand is not only functional, but also comfortable, fits into the overall concept. The entrance hall requires special attention, the interior design of which with glass, wooden furniture, a combination of blue, white, orange looks original.

Интерьер и дизайн квартиры

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