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Interior design of a cafe bar, restaurant

Thoughtful interior design of a cafe, bar or restaurant is one of the most important factors that will directly affect the success of the establishment. When designing such places, it is necessary to take into account not only the style, but also the functional features of the room. Entrust this task to professional architects-designers VAKULENKODESIGN. We will help you create an original and competent interior design for a cafe, bar or restaurant.

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Characteristics of the interior of the restaurant


The primary task when designing a bar or cafe is to take into account the building and technical standards for catering places. The room should be comfortable and safe for both employees and visitors to the establishment.

The project must take into account the following features:

1.     Location of communications - wiring, ventilation, sewerage, heating systems, etc.

2.     Compliance with fire safety standards - availability of smoke detectors and fire extinguishing systems.

3.      Location of kitchen equipment, bar, tables and other interior elements of a cafe or restaurant.

The technical project is the foundation and framework of your establishment, on which the stylistic design is built. However, the aesthetic component is no less important.good designThe restaurant will be remembered no less than a delicious dish or an author's cocktail. The task of the designer is to convey the spirit of the establishment, creating an atmosphere and mood that will come again and again.

Of course, the requirements for the interior design of a French restaurant and a children's cafe will be different, so the project must take into account:

  • the target audience of the institution;

  • average check;

  • the theme of the institution and the type of cuisine;

  • restaurant opening hours.


For example,  the interior of a patisserie implies a large showcase with beautiful pastries and allows the use of bright, non-standard solutions, while the interior of a hotel restaurant is usually kept in a more relaxed classic style.


Cafe or restaurant interior elements

The style of the institution consists of dozens of details. Each of them should complement the others, creating an atmosphere and setting the mood. To achieve this effect and develop a stylish restaurant design, you can use the following techniques:

1. Experiment with lighting. Brightness and placement of light sources are extremely important to create the right atmosphere. For example, if live music is played in your establishment, you can highlight the stage with the musicians with the help of spotlights, and leave the tables of guests in a cozy twilight.

2. Come up with an original theme. Adding various thematic items allows you to convey the spirit of the institution and makes the place memorable. For example, the interior of an Italian restaurant can be decorated in the style of a film noir. If you are designing a new cafe interior in a steampunk style, the room must have gas lamps, pipes, valves and gears .

3. Plant plants. Indoor plants refresh the room and make it more comfortable. You can turn your restaurant into a small corner of the rainforest - this design will be a breath of fresh air, especially in a big and stuffy city.

If you are proud of your cuisine, you can focus on the cooking process. For example, an open kitchen with huge stoves and barbecues is appropriate in the interior of a Georgian restaurant, and teppanyaki stoves can be placed in a Japanese restaurant.

Studio interior And architecture VAKULENKODESIGNwill help to create a harmonious and elegant interior. The interior design of a cafe, bar or restaurant, made according to our sketch, will surely please your visitors.

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