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Interior design project

We are glad to welcome you on the website of the interior design studio and architecture VAKULENKODESIGN!

We create a unique atmosphere of the new spaceapartmentsprivate houses,office buildings,hairdressing, shopsfor various purposes,restaurants And cafein various styles.

Квартира дизайн

Creating a design project is a creative process and at the same time requires deep knowledge in the development of technical drawings. The designer's services include both the development of the concept of the future interior and the detailed execution of working documentation. Architectural supervision is the process of bringing the plan to life, to turn the sketch into a living embodiment of the interior!

How we are working

  • After completion of work on the design project, the customer receives a complete set consisting ofvisualization albumAndalbum of working drawings

  • The number of sheets in the albums depends on the area of the room and the complexity of the interior, the presence of various nodes and sections.

  • The project is given to the customer in printed (2 copies) and electronic format.

Individual design of each room

The interior of any room, designed by a specialist, consists of rooms. Each of them has its own function. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

➀ Design solutions for the kitchen

The design of the kitchen, combined with a balcony or separate, must be carried out taking into account all the requirements and standards for the placement of kitchen equipment. The convenience of using the kitchen and the safety of operating this room depend on this.


It is very important to keep the so-called "triangle" - refrigerator, sink, hob! It is in this arrangement that the ergonomics of the kitchen are preserved and the convenience of use is significantly improved.


It is important to keep the distance between the equipment so that the kitchen work surface is as comfortable as possible. The color scheme of the kitchen facades and the material from which they are made also play an important role. For example, matte surfaces are easier to clean than glossy surfaces, and smooth, light-colored surfaces are easier to care for.


When designing a kitchen, VA studio designers take into account all factors to make the room functional and comfortable.  


Comfortable bedroom design

In the bedroom, it is very important to create a relaxing, cozy and warm environment for a person to have a good rest. In the decoration, it is necessary to use calm, warm shades, soft and comfortable materials.


Safe and educational design of the children's room

The design of the nursery includes the organization of a bed, a workplace for the child and a recreation area for games and communication with peers. Finishing can be the most diverse, but it is important to make it interesting for the child, because his room is his world in which he grows and develops. Therefore, it is so important that this world be attractive, developing and comfortable.

Дизйн 1 комнатной квартиры
Design of a one-room apartment
Дизайн двухкомнатной квартиры 75 м2
Design of a two-room  apartment
Дизайн квартиры старого фонда
Design of a three-room apartment
Дизайн хрущевки фото
Интерьер маленького кафе
Cafe design
and restaurants
Дизайн гостиничного номера
Офисный интерьер
дизайн салона красоты заказать
Barbershop design
Дизайн магазина заказать
Shop design
Квартира в жк салют днепр

➃ Zoning the space of a studio apartment

In modern interiors, it is very common to find a combination of a living room and a kitchen into one space. The design of the studio room consists of various zones, each of which has its own function - a kitchen area, a living room (rest), an entrance hall. By combining many functions in one space, we get an ergonomic interior while not breaking it into many small cramped rooms, but combining everything into one modern, free space.

The design of the hall in the apartment or house can be made in various styles, depending on your preferences. It may be a loft that does not go out of fashion or Provence, classic or minimalism, the Scandinavian style of which can be seen inportfolio, or high-tech!   

➄ Entrance, hallway, hall, corridor - the face of the house

The design of the hall in an apartment or house consists of the proper organization of storage spaces.

A long corridor can be intelligently divided into sections or niches, making it more interesting. With the help of mirrors, the space will visually expand, it will not seem boring, depth will appear.

➅ Bathroom, laundry room, shower room in a stylish design

The design of the bath should be given no less attention than the design of other rooms in an apartment or house. It is important to remember that all elements of the interior should be easy to use. It is better to place the toilet bowl in an inconspicuous corner; at the entrance to the bathroom, it is worth placing a large mirror with a washbasin.


A bath or shower can be located near the washbasin, or in a niche specially designated for this. Often there is a need to locate the washing machine in the bathroom. It should be noted that a free approach to the washing machine provides ease of use.

Our designers will tell you how to properly and functionally organize each room. Examples can be found in ourportfolio.


You can find out more about what a design project consists of in the sectionproject composition.


You can get acquainted with the cost of our services  in the sectionprices.

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