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Commercial space interior

Thoughtful store interior is the key to high sales and business prosperity. Beautiful interior solutions not only attract the buyer, but also make him stay longer, turning shopping into a pleasant walk with many purchases.


A store, the project of which was created correctly, will be in demand among buyers, because the atmosphere affects the mind and creates a fleeting desire to drop in and buy. The interior of the store is being created taking into account the following stages: the space is divided into zones, the interior of the shopping area is planned, the plan for arranging furniture and equipment is thought out, color accents and lighting elements are placed.


Quality store design project combines a calm, discreet style and invisible functionality.  appearance, makes it more attractive. In this case, the designer must consider:

  • assortment and target audience of the retail space;

  • fire safety requirements;

  • ease of movement between racks and racks.

Дизайн магазина фото

Store exterior

The correct exterior of the retail space distinguishes the retailer (retailer seller)   against competing organizations, without disturbing urban development, and also without annoying the eye with overly colorful outdoor advertising.

This problem is solved with the help of large showcases that show the buyer the best samples of goods and the interior design of the establishment. For example, the design of a clothing, footwear and lingerie store may include mannequins dressed in items from the latest collection, and in design of a children's store_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-138d for these purposes use toys. Lighting plays an important role. Properly placed light sources will highlight the retail space in the evening.

Grocery store design

The design of a grocery store is usually designed for a wide audience, therefore it is better to keep it in a calm, modest style. shopping. Grocery racks are arranged so that the customer can see as many products as possible on the way to the checkout - this will help increase sales. There should be no dead ends in the trading floor so that visitors can move freely between different departments.

Women's clothing store design

In women's store design bright colors are allowed, but they need to be balanced with calm pastel colors.

It is necessary to consider the number and location of fitting rooms so that customers can quickly try on the things they like. Each fitting room should be provided with hooks for clothes, a shelf, a chair and a rug.

Placement in interior of the store mannequins with ready-made sets of clothes will help show customers what to wear with certain things. For the same task, you can use posters with images of models in the things that you sell.

On large areas, you can equip a small corner with sofas and tables for relaxing, as well as a children's room, where customers can leave their children while shopping.

Cosmetics store design

The specificity of such establishments involves a wide range of goods. So that the buyer does not get confused, the interior of the cosmetics store is divided into several sections with different types of cosmetics._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d_5cf5 it is easy to reach the product and examine it. At the same time, the overall design style should serve as a background for bright packages and highlight them.

If space permits, a makeup artist’s corner can be placed in the institution so that customers can try your products.

Appliance store design

The best choice for decorating such a place is minimalism or high-tech style. Highlighting is used to highlight products. The buyer should be given the opportunity to imagine how this or that model of equipment will look in his house. Therefore, for example, designers often recreate the interior of a bathroom or kitchen to showcase built-in appliances.


flower shop design

In the decoration of any store, including a flower shop, it is advisable to use natural materials - wood, stone. On a large area, it makes sense to make wide panoramic windows. They will play the role of a showcase, and natural light will help the flowers stay fresh longer.

In the shop, you need to provide a refrigerator for flowers, air conditioning and a thermal curtain that will cut off cold air in winter.

In lighting, it is necessary to combine decorative lighting and special lamps for plants - they warm the flowers and compensate for the lack of sunlight.

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