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Architectural Engineering

Interior and architecture studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers architectural design servicesshopping and entertainment centers, hotels, office buildings and other facilities. We have been working since 2005 and have implemented many original projects in a variety of styles and directions - from the design of private cottages to the reconstruction of facades. Entrusting us with your idea, you will get exactly the result you expect.


Preliminary design

The architectural project begins with the development of the main concept and the creation of a draft design. It includes:

  • master plan;

  • development of facades;

  • sections of the building in transverse and longitudinal sections;

  • floor plans;

  • 3-D visualization of the object;

  • technical and economic indicators;

The purpose of the sketch is to think over the engineering, functional, artistic features of the object. For example, a project for a 3-storey office building will include a detailed layout of rooms, the location of an emergency exit, an elevator, etc. The sketch should combine the wishes of the client, as well as the experience and knowledge of the architect.

Архитектурный проект
Проектирование офиса

working draft

This stage of architectural design consists in a more practical and detailed study of the building, as well as the creation of drawings for construction and finishing works. For example, a working project for a house would consist of:

  • sheets of drawings;

  • premises finishing lists;

  • facade passports;

  • floor and masonry plans;

  • roof plan;

  • detailed sections of the building;

  • floor plan;

  • various knots and sections;

  • schemes for filling door and window blocks;

  • development of communications - sewerage, water supply, ventilation, heating and electrical wiring;

  • explanatory note with a description.

Project documentation is necessary to coordinate the object being created and further construction.

Торговый комплекс проект

Before creating a project for an apartment building, industrial building or hotel complex, we will carefully consider its architectural and technical features - from the color of the facade to the fire safety of the building. After that, we create detailed drawings and realistic 3-D visualization of the room. Our experience and technical knowledge in architectural design help to work out every detail at the highest level.

In the VAKULENKODESIGN studio, you can order the service of author's construction supervision and equipment. We will control the work of the contractor and make sure that the builders do not deviate from the drawings of the detailed design, and we will also help you choose materials for finishing.

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