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Office space design

The interior of the office space is the hallmark of the company. Regardless of the service sector, the office of a financial, legal company, municipal administrative center, cosmetology or a children's agency should reflect the concept of the business, reveal its subject and be friendly to the client.


Modern offices are maximally open  and spacious, do not leave many “closed doors” to visitors and provide them with maximum comfort. Office design must simultaneously achieve several goals:

  • present the company's services or product in a corporate style;

  • be as functional as possible in technical terms and the ability of employees to serve customers;

  • Be comfortable for visitors.


Design studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers services for the development of individual office interior design in Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine. We will offer fresh ideas, maximum functionality and practicality of the interior.

Office plan

Планирвка офиса

office hall design


The interior of the office begins with the hall. There should be a place for clothes and waiting, customers can be met by a reception desk with staff. As a rule, comfortable sofas and a TV are placed in the hall, and there should also be access to the restroom from this room.


Modern offices separate the staff that works with clients (front office) and support (back office).


Customer service area design

Front office employees  are located in the direct access area of visitors, can be separated from them by glass walls or screens. Often the front office is located right in the lobby.


The customer service area should be light and airy, with seating for waiting and serving  visitors. At the same time, all wires and communications, equipment, cash registers, documents, personal belongings of personnel must be protected from the possibility of unauthorized access. The correct design of office premises will take into account all sorts of nuances in each case.

Дизайн офиса помещений
Дизайн офиса

Back office design

In addition to account managers, back offices usually house additional staff - accounting, technical support, data processing specialists, their comfortable placement in the office is also important. The correct distribution of work areas, the creation of rest and dining rooms, locker rooms and showers (if necessary) allows you to optimize the work of staff, make the office comfortable and productive.


The manager's office in the office can be as transparent as possible and be located in the customer service area, but it can also be located separately. Many managers order the design of an office - a bedroom, as sometimes they have to stay at work for the night.


Turning to VAKULENKODESIGN professionals, you will receive a high-quality and detailed study of all elements of the office interior, its adaptation to the corporate style, and the use of technological capabilities of modern design.

Лифтовой холл дизайн
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