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Professional 3d visualization of the interior

Visualization of the modern interior of a house or apartment  is an opportunity to create a ready-made comfortable space at the design stage of housing, to provide for all the nuances of placing functional areas, appliances, furniture, lighting sources, decorative elements, to choose the most advantageous place for them .


With the help of 3D visualization, you can not only see a realistic three-dimensional picture of your future interior, but also evaluate the dimensions of the room, determine the main style and choose the appropriate finishes.

An example of a 3D apartment design (visualization album)

The VAKULENKODESIGN studio offers services for the development of professional interior visualization, which will combine the creative approach and practical experience of the designer with the accuracy of miscalculations of all room parameters.


Visualization of the interior helps to eliminate a number of disadvantages of repairs performed without the participation of a specialist:

  • electrical wires and plumbing pipes in the wrong places,

  • inconvenient sockets and switches,

  • poor color combinations and inconsistency with one style in design,

  • the inconvenience of arranging furniture.


In addition, the client can evaluate the visual appeal of the design of the room in advance and plan the budget for repairs.

We work in the interests of our customers and always take into account their wishes. Visualization of the interior can be ordered both separately and as part of a design project, not only in the Dnieper, Kyiv, Kharkov, but also in other cities of Ukraine.

The cost of 3D visualization is from $8 per m2, depending on the style and area of the room.


Other examplesdesign projects apartmentspresented on our website.

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