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An example of an apartment layout

Modern urbanapartment- this is not just a place to live, but the most comfortable and technologically advanced space that combines a lot of functions - cooking and receiving guests, relaxing holidays and a cinema hall, raising children and sports development, an office, storing clothes, shoes and other things.

Планировка квартиры

Smart room layout

A well-thought-out layout and design of the apartment, the correct placement of zones and furniture arrangement help to simplify all service functions, make the house not only beautiful, but also technological and comfortable.

Design studio VAKULENKODESIGN offers services of redevelopment of residential and non-residential space, including 1, 2, 3-room apartments with the introduction of modern technological methods, adaptation to customer requests, interior design in the chosen style.

Depending on the parameters of the apartment, redevelopment of a separate room, combining a kitchen with a living room, organizing a wardrobe and a comfortable bathroom, combining a balcony with a room or kitchen, as well as various other options can be performed. The design project and redevelopment of the apartment are agreed in advance with the client and visualized in3-D chart.

The price of the layout of the premises is $2 per m2. 


See also examples of other sections of the design project:measuring plan,3d visualization,working drawings,author's supervision and equipment

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